Merit Badge Seminar Registration

Online Registration is now Closed.

Personal Mgmt and Cit. in Community in afternoon are full. Please call if you are interested in other sessions.

Regina Coeli Church School
Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
February 18, 2017

Morning Session- 8:30 to 11:30
Afternoon Session- 12:30 to 3:30
Personal Study Sessions as requested
Cost: $ 8.00 registration fee per badge
(The cost will cover any materials that are provided, facilities and logistics)

The following Merit Badges will be offered, subject to sufficient interest. The requirements for each and what you need to do ahead of time can be found below, and brought with you on the 18th.

Merit Badge pre-reqs can be found HERE

MORNING  Citizenship in Community / Citizenship in the World / Citizenship in the Nation / Family Life / Communications / Crime Prevention / Bird Study

AFTERNOON  Citizenship in Community / Chess / Personal Management / E Prep / Fingerprinting / Environmental Science

Personal Study Art / Coin Collecting / Collections / Personal Fitness

Please double check you have the most up to date requirements for the badge and the Pre-Reqs done before arriving.

For more information, contact Mrs. Terry Seymour at 845-656-7931 or Kristi 845-418-8208

Personal Study Sessions (30 minute time blocks) will be scheduled for the badges indicated.  These badges need all of the requirements to be completed before the Scout meets with the counselor.  There is no need to schedule a 3-hour session to explain work that has already been done.  Scouts requesting these badges MUST have everything ready to show the counselor in an organized manner.  The schedule is tight and does allow for “discussions”, but does not allow for “teaching”, or an unprepared Scout!

There are no full day sessions at our seminar. Some badges are offered in both a morning and afternoon session. Please indicate on the registration form if you would prefer morning or afternoon. Every effort will be made to give you your first choice in badges.

The only badge that has limits is E-Prep (limit of 12).

In case of inclement weather, every effort will be made to contact the scouts via email or phone as to the status of the seminar. Scouts are also encouraged to check our website @ for the most up to date status if inclement weather is called for. If the weather does cause the cancellation of the seminar on February 18th, it would be impossible to coordinate everyone for another date, for this reason, every effort will be made to have the seminar on February 18th.

You may register one of the following ways:

  1. Print the registration form, fill it out and mail it in (Downloadable Prerequisites available here)
  2. Register electronically below (and mail the registration fee separately)
City:  State:

Select a First, Second, Third and Fourth ChoiceIf you plan to attend both sessions, we will enroll you in two of your choices. If you plan to attend only one session, we will enroll you in only one.

If you already have a partial for any of the merit badges you’re selecting, please check the box to the right and enter the name of the merit badge and the requirements you already have signed off, in the comments box and don’t forget to bring the bluecard with the partials signed off.

Both sessionsMorning onlyAfternoon only

One session, either morning or afternoon

First Choice (morning session) Check here if you have a partial in this Merit badge.
Second Choice (morning session) Check here if you have a partial in this Merit badge.
First Choice (afternoon session) Check here if you have a partial in this Merit badge.
Second Choice (afternoon session) Check here if you have a partial in this Merit badge.

Additional Comments:

I accept the following Terms and Conditions

  • All Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms.
  • Scouts will bring a signed blue card and a Merit Badge Book.
  • Scouts participating in both sessions should bring a bag lunch with them. There will be food available for purchase at the seminar!
  • All Scouts need to bring a copy of their Medical Short Form ( per the Hudson Valley BSA Council. The form will be collected at sign-in and will be returned when you leave. Please make sure you pick it up when leaving. Any forms that are left will be shredded.
  • All reservations are final and no refunds will be issued, unless the Seminar is cancelled1.