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Summer Camp 1991 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 1991
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Paul Tuttle, Walt Amante, Doug Galbreath, Marc Lelyveld, Dean Davis, Ed Kirschner

Middle Row: Josh Amante, Liam Moran, Jon Davis, Aaron Tuttle,Matt Ross, Courtney Jemison

First Row: James Stengel, John Gleason, Paul Sheedy, Rich Martin, Sean Ring

Summer Camp 1992 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 1992
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Ed Kirschner, Walt Amante, Joe Gleason, Sean Ring

Middle Row: Adam Ross, Paul Sheedy, Sean Welke, Liam Moran

First Row: ? , Jack Sheedy, Sean Riley, John Gleason

Summer Camp 1997 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 1997
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Ed Kirschner, Dan Woolever, Tom Lange, Eric Mallardi, Shawn Dahlin, Mike Decker, Mike Dahlin, Nick Zanikos, Tim Marchini, Mark Sheedy

Middle Row: James Sheedy, Andrew Lambert, Chris Delgado, Brian Marchini, Aaron Stinson, Greg Zanikos

First Row: Greg Zenzel, Mike Ligouri, Matt Woolever, Mike Mallardi

Summer Camp 1998 - Henderson Scout Reservation

Summer Camp 1998
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Nick Zanikos, Tim Marchini, Sam Dahlin

2nd Middle Row: Ed Kirchner, Tom Lange, Shawn Dahlin, Mike Dahlin, Aaron Tuttle, Matt Woolever

1st Middle Row; Chance Frink, Marshall Hughes, Greg Zanikos, Brian Marchini, Jason Pocket

First Row: David Ragonetti, Chris Delgado, Shawn Rose, Chris ?, Mike Rifenburgh, Rob Holland, Scott Lasher

Summer Camp 1999 - Henderson Scout Reservation

Picture Pending ...

Summer Camp 2000 - Goose Pond

Summer Camp 2000
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Ed Kirschner, James Sheedy, Marshall Hughes, Greg Zanikos, Matt Woolever, Brian Marchini, Mike R., Chris Delgado, Brian Sledge, Nick Zanikos

Middle Row: Dave Lasher (Standing), Scott Lasher, Chris Potter, Rob Holland, Craig Hoover, Kevin Martens, Scott Turow, Travis Sloniker, David Ragonetti, Tim Cole, Sue Dahlin

First Row: Jerry Korey, Dan Noonan, Colin Clark, Chris Fritz, William Greenly

Summer Camp 2001 - Goose Pond

Summer Camp 2001
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Dave Lasher, Paul Sheedy, Michael Mallardi, Mike Rifenburgh, James Sheedy, Rob Holland, Marshall Hughes, Brian Marchini, Chris Delgado, Aaron Tuttle(Scoutmaster), Nick Zanikos, Sam Dahlin(standing), Tim Marchini (hat)

Middle Row: Ed Kirschner, Eric G., Tyson M., Chris Potter, Matt McDonald, Eric S., Craig Hoover, Philip Germano, Travis Sloniker, Scott Turow, Tim Cole, Larry Blasini (standing), Virgina Germano

First Row: Mike Decker, Scott Lasher, William Greenly, Chris Fritz, Tom H., Colin Clark, Jerry Korey, Dan Noonan, Elliot S., Ryan W., Shawn J., Jason B., Alex R. (Standing)

Summer Camp 2002 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 1997
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Sam Dahlin, Bob Stanton, Mike R., James Sheedy, Rob Holland, Chris Potter, Chris Frtiz, William Greenly, Philip Germano, Matt McDonald, Kevin Martens, Brian Marchini, Kurt Schollmeyer

Middle Row: Ed Kirschner, Eric S., Eric G., Jerry Korey, Colin Clark, Tom H., Tyson M., Kevin P., Elliot S., Tim Cole, Craig Hoover, Virginia Germano, Aaron Tuttle (Scoutmaster)

First Row: Ryan K.(kneeling), Bobby S., Mark L., Jason B., Zach C., Jason L., Ethan F., Steven F., Graeme Hardy, Alex R., Ryan W., Erik E., Danny Noonan(kneeling)

Summer Camp 2003 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 2003
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Dan Noonan Sr., Mike Rifenburgh, Devin B., Kurt Schollmeyer, Bob Stanton, Sam Dahlin

2nd Middle Row: Hilon Potter, Craig Hoover, Elliot S., Dan Noonan, Rob Holland, Chris Potter, Kevin Martens, Philip Germano, Chris Fritz, Jerry Korey, Ed Kirschner, Tim Cole, Virginia Germano

1st Middle Row: James S., John S., Graeme Hardy, Bobby S., Kevin P., Tom H., Zach C., Dan S., Steven F., Ethan F., Jason L.

First Row: Brian Marchini (kneeling), Eric S., Eric G., Ryan K., Jason B., Ryan W., Rob S., Chris M., Mark L., Erik E., Jesse P., Colin C.

Summer Camp 2004 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 2004
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Tom H., Erik E., Mark L., Eric G., Chris Fritz, Chris M., Kevin P., Elliot S., Rob Holland, Philip Germano, Devin B.

Middle Row: Eric S.(American flag), Paul Stolarski, Ed Kirschner, Hilon Potter, John S., Dan S., David F., Jason B., Ryan W., Rob S., Bob S., Colin Clark, Ryan K., Marshall Hughes (SC SPL), Virginia Germano, Kurt Schollmeyer, Graeme Hardy(Troop Flag)

First Row: Richard M., Tim Cole, James S., James G., Andrew M., Stephen F., Zach C., Tyler R., Erik S., Jason L., Ethan F., Aaron B., Brandon K., Craig Hoover(SPL), Chris Potter, Brian Marchini

Summer Camp 2005 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 2005
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: James S., Steven F., Colin Clark (SPL), Jason L., John S.

2nd Middle Row: Rich Foster, Monica Gabryszewski, Brian Marchini, Philip Germano, Eric S., Kevin P.

1st Middle Row: Ethan F. (American Flag), Virginia Germano, William Greenly, David F., Rich M., Bob S., Mark L., Bob Stanton, Hilon Potter (SC SM), Paul Stolarski

First Row: Jason B., Ryan K., Billy L., Ryan F., Aaron B., Michael G., Erik S., James G., Erik E., Chris Frtiz, Chris Potter, Andrew M., Zach C. (Troop Flag)

Missing from Photo: Kurt Schollmeyer, Craig Hoover

Summer Camp 2006 - Camp Rotary

Summer Camp 2006
Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row: Monica Gabryszewski, Hilon Potter, Rich M., Colin Clark, Bob S., Eric S., Chris Potter, David F., Robert Stanton, Ted Valenti, Ginny Germano, Philip Germano (Troop Flag)

Middle Row: (American Flag) Kevin P., Rob W., Aaron B., Erik S., James S., Jason L., Zach C., Ethan F., Ryan F.

First Row: Paul Stolarski (SM), Mike G., Vincent G., Tim L., Jim L., Tyler V., James G., Billy L.

We are currently looking for photos from past Summer Camps, if you have any please contact Troop Historian if you have photos before 1997. Please include a list of scouts in the format listed above if possible. Thank you.
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