Troop 37 History

The source for the initial information for this History page came from a compilation by Robert E. Moseley in 1966. This compilation existed as a paper copy until 2000 when it was transcribed into a Web page.

A pdf (24K) version of the history is available here. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read this file. A zip file (1.9MB) of gif images of the original paper report is available here.

Troop History

An anecdotal troop history from 1916 to 1945 was gathered by Mr. Moseley. In addition, Mr. Moseley reported on troop activity from 1961 to 1966. Anyone who can supply additional information about the troop history is urged to contact us.

1961 35th Anniversary Dinner

In 1961, Troop 37 held a 35th Anniversary Dinner. The program for that dinner can be found here.

Troop Photographs

We have in our possesion scans of some old Photographs from back in the early 1900’s. We are not sure of the dates on these, but if you would like to take a look at them, please click the links below. Some of these photos are large and may take a few minutes to download

Troop Summer Camp Photos

From Years gone by we have started to collect past summer camp photos. We would appreciate any submissions from Troop 37 alumni’s (please include names of scouts and camp attended if possible) and email it to Troop Historian. Thank you!

900 lb. Wagon Article

Here is an article that is back from the 40’s that was written about our Troop’s Trip into the Catskills with a 900 lb wagon. Click here to read that article.


Charles Lent
Ralph Jones
Reverend Nostrand
Reverend Wilson
W. A. Saltford
Dr. E.P. Newton 1910’s
Mapledoram Fink 1917-1918
Max von der Hayden 1910’s
Charles Lent 1920’s
James Spratt 1930’s
Henry Tompkins 1930’s
Reverand Frank R. Wilson 1930’s
Reverend George F. Wells 1937-?
Mr. Edson L. Barlow ?-1943
Edgar B. Nixon 1943-1944
Paul W Taylor 1944-1947
Frederick Trani 1947-1951
Kenneth Wager 1951-1954
Carl Schneider 10/1954-7/1956
Cornelius Lynch 7/1955-9/1957
Ernest Rack 9/1957-9/1964
Robert Holtzman 9/1964-1967
Eugene Crittenden 1966-1969
Bob DeFries 12/1969-1970
Bob Lambert 9/1970-9/1972
Edward Kirschner 9/1972-9/1994
Doug Galbreath 1994-1996
Jeff Mathews 4/15/1996-9/1/2001
Aaron Tuttle 9/1/2001-6/17/2007
Paul Stolarski 6/17/2007-Present

As you can see, there are still some holes in our records so if you have information to update this list, please contact us.

Last Updated On 8/02/2008
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